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    May 17, 2013
    2:30 - 3:01am PDT  

texas. 16 tornadoes kill six and hurt dozens more. a threat for more storms over the weekend. and on a lighter note, cheating on your spouse, netflix style. it's friday, may 17th. you got it. it's "way too early." good friday morning, everybody. i'm brian shactman. we'll get to all of that in a minute. first, the $550 million powerball jackpot. that's half a billion. you could buy the sacramento kings for that. we think a lot here on the program and "way too early." we got to thinking about what happens on sunday when you wake up and you learn that you win? you don't have the money yet, but you know you have won. so i want to know what you would do? tweet me using the hash tag
#drinksonme. for now, the top story. the u.s. tries to work with russia to bring an end to syria's civil war. new indications that official at the kremlin are not playing ball. moscow has shipped advanced missiles designed to target ships. say "the new york times." meanwhile, tornado season taking a deadly toll. the sheer number from one storm in texas is staggering. six people dead, seven people missing a day later. 16 confirmed tornadoes, one of them an ef-4. the second strongest on the scale. 97 homes damaged. nearly 100 people injured. look at the view from space, if we have it. 22,000 miles up. that's the storm forming right in the middle there.
and on the ground, amateur video shows one of the tornadoes forming in the distance. the funnel cloud right there. the worst of the damage was centered on a town called granbury. tornadoes practically erased neighborhoods from the map. >> a name and face, you worked beside the people that built that house, you know how much that home means to that family. it's very devastated. >> i have seen some bad ones in my day. i knew this would be one of the worst i have ever seen. it was. >> that's unbelievable. want to update you on the boston marathon bombings. sources say dzhokhar tsarnaev wrote a handwritten note while on the boat. he wrote the attacks were in response to the u.s. role in iraq and afghanistan and he expected soon to be a martyr in
paradise. meanwhile, robert muller defended the bureau's handling in the case. the bureau opened a file on the older brother, tamerlan, but later determined he was not a threat. muller said why the joint terror task force had not been told tamerlan left the country for dagestan. >> because it was closed, not of serious -- serious enough to be taken to the leadership. to the extent this is pushed out as being indicative of broken relationships, to the contrary. according to a new report, terrorists involved with the witness protection program were allowed to get new identities and get commercial flights after cooperating with u.s. prosecutors. some permitted to fly despite being on the do-no-fly list. significant deficiencies were
found in the handling of terrorists. you think? justice officials said the issue had been addressed, adding that none of the participants had been involved in acts of terror after their enrollment in the program. the saga of an american spy expelled from russia gets stranger. they expelled ryan fogel. the details about the wig, though, that's the key. the wig he was allegedly wearing, listen, the interfax news agency reports the wig matches one taken from a u.s. diplomat back in 1986. i knew it had a little a-ha in it. it looks a little dated to me. the wig is reportedly in the russian archives. it was speculated the cia has used the same wig sup plier over the last 30 years. or maybe it's the same wig. president obama is standing
by the justice department's use of secret subpoenas to investigate potential leaks by members of the government. during a news conference yesterday, the president told reporters there must be a balance between the first amendment and national security. >> u.s. national security is dependent on those folks being able to operate with confidence that folks back home have their backs. so they're not just left out there. high and dry. and potentially put in even more danger than they may already being. and so, i make no apologies. i don't think the american people would expect me as commander in chief not to be concerned about information that might compromise their missions or get them killed. >> the president says he has
complete confidence in eric holder, dismissing calls for his resignation. and the president addressed fallout from if targeting of conservative groups. a second irs official is stepping down. he follows the agency's acting commissioner who announced his resignation earlier this week. a white house budget official will take over at the irs. the irs staffer in charge of the tax-exempt organizations at the time the tea party group was targeted is now part of the irs office that handles health care legislation. speaking of that, obama care was under fire again yesterday. the 38th time a vote was taken to try to change the law. 229-195, just two democrats voting with republicans. since being signed into law, the affordable care act remains a
divisive issue among americans. just 35% of americans have a favorable opinion of the law. of those who oppose it, 53% believe lawmakers should continue to try to repeal or change it. and while congress has failed to come to terms on legislation in terms of guns and the deficit, immigration reform may not suffer the same fate. the so-called gang of eight's proposal has made it through a third round of senate committee hearings mostly in tact. the committee is considering more than 300 amendments to the bill. meanwhile, in the house, lawmakers reached an agreement in principle on a proposal. the plan is to be more conservative than the senates but will still contain a pathway to citizenship. to business, tim cook says
he'll propose a dramatic simplification of tax laws when he heads to washington next week. let's check in with steve sedgwick. what's the word on the street? >> this is fascinating. tim cook of apple is joined by many ceos over there. they have trillions of dollars overseas. they can't bring it back without huge tax bills. he's going up to say, if you want this money to create jobs state side, you have to give us simpler tax bills. dell, a big decrease in revenue this is time around. it saw a huge decrease in shipments in the first quarter. global pc sales falling 14% in the first quarter. google claglass, the eye wear w the new technology is getting a lot of attention. facebook trying to get something out there. we put these on and go, glass,
okay. and give it commands. >> what about tesla? the car is awesome, now the stocks are, too. >> i've driven a tesla. it felt like a lotus to me. i haven't driven the new one. this one is a little bit toppy in terms of price. the people that bet against this one, they have been capitulating. people are excited about the future of this company which is just about turning a profit as well. looks like they'll pay back the money they borrowed from the d.o.e. question marks about the financial profile of the company. >> when people are short the stock, they're betting it will go down. when it does well, they have to cover that and buy some stock. thank you, steve, live for us in london. the fbi has opened an
investigation to determine whether or not someone specifically set out to smear senator robert menendez during his re-election campaign. two of the country's top sugar manufacturers were interviewed. one of them called the senator to assure him he was not involved in the scandal. a bizarre story. terror tow mayor rob ford making headlines for questionable behavior not typically seen from elected officials. a cell phone video allegedly shows him smoking a crack pipe and using expletives. it's being shopped around by somali men in the drug trade. then this video, moments after the mayor ran out of a community council meeting, wandering around a parking lot placing rob
ford fridge magnets on cars. we like our canadian friends. the third largest lotto jackpot ever. no winner last week. it sky-rocketed to $550 million. less than the $of 56 and $587 million of megamillions and powerball. the state of virginia expected to sell 4.7 million tickets this saturday. what would you do right after you find out that money is yours? tweet me using the hash tag #drinksonme. i would hold it. i might sweat on it. i don't think i'll hop a g-6 and fly to vegas. fighting to play another
day. steph curry hosts the spurs. did san antonio punch the ticket? and the question ever fan of "the office" was asking, will mikechael scott come back for o last time. this is the senate caucus room in washington, d.c. it's jammed this morning as the senate opens what is likely to become the most serious investigation it has ever made. the investigation of the american political system and the presidency itself. mine was earned in djibouti, africa. 2004.
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some sports with my man bill. some eliminations games in the nba. >> a lot of tension. start with the spurs and the warriors. harrison barnes, he's up for the block, instead, boom!
straight to the hardwood. that's stitches above his right eye. he did make it back after six stitches for the second quarter. that, my friends, is tony parker for the three. and the old men spurs get it done. they knock off the warriors in game six. who had this one written down? grizzlies versus the spurs for a chance to go to the nba finals? >> high ratings. garden, to the knicks. the knicks have looked dead in the water going into this game. right from the start, anthony said, not tonight. anthony took control of this one. 28-point effort. indiana shot horribly. game six, back in indiana. how about this? j.r. smith and rihanna. they've been linked to some of j.r. smith's bad playing. she's called out the guard on instagram, telling him to stop his clubbing and blaming his struggles on that. >> he admitted this year he
played better because he was going out a little less. >> that's the key. >> willie geist had the similar theory. >> about j.r. smith? >> about himself. to hockey. back-to-back gomes against the sharks. the kings win, 4-3, up 2-0. the real one was the original six matchup. the rangers and the bruins. overtime. game tied at 2-2. bruins in control. brad marchand who led the team throughout the year, but that was the first goal of the post season. a sweet play. five-hole action. finally, senator john cornyn of texas says a softball team was canceled. i guess they needed an extension. the name of the irs's team, the
cheetahs. the d.c. humor, man. >> how about scared to open the mail? >> we got beckham. >> he's actually retiring. he says he's done. he's had enough of this soccer gig. the 38-year-old says now is his time to quit. >> decision, because i still feel that i can play at the top level. and still have done for the last six months. but, i always you know, secretly said to myself, that i want to go out at the top. >> i did beckham for halloween once. i couldn't do the faux-hawk too well. >> you're full of imagery and pictures i want to see. >> i'm telling you how my life is. >> you and beckham? wow. >> let's go outside. >> a look at the white house. did he do the underwear shot? >> no, i did not do that. >> here's what we're looking at. the rain through arkansas and into tennessee. heavy downpours in memphis.
the white house, you'll be dealing with rain in d.c. throughout the weekend. the second half of saturday as s we go into sunday. a wet spot will be the northern plains. minneapolis, rochester. and over the next 48 hours, the mid-atlantic, not a great weekend from virginia to north carolina. great day d.c. northwards. the worst weather this week end, probably a tie, the northern plains, minneapolis area and through virginia and north carolina. it will be gloomy and wet. >> not northwest new jersey. >> no, we have started your specific forecast. coming up at the top of the hour, the benghazi talking points still said to be from the cia. joe is more than skeptical about that. we hang around the water
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it must be cool to have a one-name name. you're louis. >> i love it. >> and you coined that name. >> i don't know about that.
i'm just a little jealous. >> i don't believe that you're not going to get a -- in a g-6 and go to vegas. >> you're not coming with me? after a nine-season run, we'll bid fare well to "the office." the rumor of boss michael scott turned out to be true in last night's series finale. he popped up about the wedding of dwight and angela. take a look. ♪ >> i feel like all my kids grew up and then they married each other. it's every parent's dream. >> it just doesn't get better than that show. i'm very, very sad -- >> that's a good piece of writing there. >> the awkwardness, the camera zooming in. hopefully, we'll get something new. >> we need something in that slot. please. if you're planning on a bear-watching trip, do we have a
camera for you. >> do you have a gobrpro? >> i do. this was caught by a camera pan. the bear's mouth is oddly human like. looks like he flosses every day. >> a little tomato stuck in his teeth. i wonder if you put peanut b butter on the gopro. >> if you wonder what it's like to get attacked by a bear, now owe know. the slogan is taste why fresh is better? also finger-lickin' good opinion we're not sure this is the best. a new delivery service is taking off in gaza. >> not gaza, illinois. >> you can get a bucket of chicken, biscuit, and slaw
smuggled over the border. it's a 35-mile trek through an underground tunnel to gaza. it takes about three hours to arrive. one customer said eating kfc's sandwich has been a dream on his and this company has made the dream come true. >> and the markup is double. >> it's triple. >> he's got to trek three hours through a tunnel. >> it's worth it. >> nice to see american food is bettering the lives of some people. seven years since the last episode of "arrested development." next week, it's back. the boot of the award-winning series on netflix. >> here's a sneak peek. >> oh, my, there is kind of a girl here. >> oh, lindsey, we have to get you to that acting class. >> i just want my son to have a
job where his incompetence won't be out of place. >> well, that's not a great sign. >> good luck with your night terrors. no no one will be there to hear your screams. >> that was reboot, not the boot. just warming up here. it's a little early. netflix is streaming all 15 episodes at once. there's bound to be netflix adultery. i don't know if you have cheated yet. >> i'm not aware of it. >> in a recent study, it concluded 51% of people admit they would cheat on their partner and watch an episode of the show they had planned to watch together. 12% said they would lie and watch it again pretending they had never seen it. >> would you do that? >> i would. >> we're not actors. they're going to know. >> i know. if you saw the tape over of the show, you would know i'm not an
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wake up sunday $550 million before taxes. what would you do on that sunday? mr. john tower, quite a few responses here. >> stacy on twitter, scream, run around the house naked calling someone to erase me from the internet and phone list. we have matt, he writes let's say the ms and msnbc will stand for matt scott. and chris g. brown on twitter, i can finally afford the topless bea arthur painting i've always wanted. >> i've been getting hate mail from the bea arthur estate. "morning joe" starts right